Dryish February

After missing Dry January, I’m just going to make up my own event, dryish February. From today 6th February to 6th March, I’m going to try to cut down my alcohol consumption by at least 50%. To enable me to do this more effectively, one of the first steps I’ve done this morning is locked up my credit card. I’ve noticed that it’s much easier just to rack up unconcious spend when you ‘think’ that you’ve got money available, when you’re technically running on borrowed time.

The theory is that the more it hurts, the more you pay attention…

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Be Better, Feel Better

I haven’t really got any big New Year Resolutions lined up, but in the first week of 2019, I’ve already donated blood and set myself a target of run/walking 5-10 ParkRuns this year (even though I hate running).

As masters of procrastination, people tend to give up their health goals in the first 3 weeks of January. Fad trends like Veganuary and Dry January circulate the news, hence sales of relevant products go through the roof.

My intake of alcohol has certainly gone down massively after my holidays in Germany, but that’s mostly down to financial commitments (service charges, motor repairs, insurance, and so on and so forth).

Thus, the upside of being skint is that my diet is likely going to be much healthier.

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