Leica M Typ 240 and MP Side by Side

Old vs New. While the two cameras look similar side by side, the Leica 240 is slightly taller than the MP and as you can see from the first picture, the Summilux 50 doesn’t balance well, at least when the battery is charging.

I got quite a good deal from Wilkinson camera (see link), with a 500 pound discount, and the camera comes with a 1 year passport, which should protect it against accidental damage, I just need to check the terms and conditions.

I wouldn’t mind an extra high speed SD card and a new SSD drive to top it off (or a 5K retina iMac), but that might have to wait a while until I pay off my trusty Barclaycard.




Leica M9-P sensor woes

After using my trusty Leica MP film camera for more than 4 years now, my lovely decided to surprise me for my 30th birthday by purchasing a mint Leica M9-P full frame digital camera from the bay of E.

I have closely followed the iterations of digital Leicas from the M8, M8.2, M9, M9-P to the current M Typ 240, but haven’t yet found a reason to be able to justify the expense, especially after completing my MBA at Imperial College, subsequent job change to an E-commerce company and my wife giving birth to my lovely son.

Still, I couldn’t hide my excitement at being able to use my Leica Summilux 50 ASPH and Summicron 35 Asph on the M9-P, which as you may know comes in a discrete body without the distinctive Leica logo on the front as well as a hardened LCD screen.

After several test shots wide open and viewing them on the computer, I thought that everything was fine. However, when stopping down the lens to f8 or smaller, the  image had a distinctive line running across it (see below).


Being a novice, it took me some time to find the ‘Sensor clean’ function in the menu which holds the shutter in place while you inspect or clean the sensor.

To my horror, I noticed a line running across the sensor corresponding to the recorded image.


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After searching on other Leica forums, some people have commented that they scratched their sensor after cleaning the sensor with certain chemicals. This was obviously not the case with this camera, since the pictures looking out of my flat had the same artefacts running across.

I have since sent the camera back to the seller, who has been very kind to agree to a return, but I strongly recommend to all buyers and sellers of 2nd hand cameras to inspect the sensors (regardless of which camera) before shipping and straight after signing. A good way to do so is to use an LED torch to illuminate the sensor while focusing your iPhone camera on the sensor area.



Spring is finally here!


Spring in London is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing some photos taken last year using Fuji Velvia slide film. If you are looking for color saturation and warmth, then slide film is the way to go.



Daily Inspiration: Anish Kapoor’s C Curve / Crowded Tube


In December, while I was on my way to see the Haunted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace, I came to pass Anish Kapoor’s gigantic conave C Curve sculpture. It inverts the light when looked at straight on and gives a twisted view of your surroundings.

C Curve, Leica MP, Kodak Ektar 100

Maybe I should have picked a different day to visit this sculpture, or calibrate the photo editing software to brighten up the day, but British winters are certainly very depressing and the film captures the colour temperature spot on.

Although it really isn’t as cold as winter in Beijing or Germany, the consistent chilling and lack of sunlight can really depress people. Every morning when I stand besides the Northbound Overground platform, I see how hundreds of people fight their way onto a crowded escalator.

Canada Water Overground, Northbound platform

I would think that they are changing at Canada Water to pursue their high flying career in the ‘Wharf’. In the morning, most people seem disconnected from the world, going into auto navigation mode. Fortunately for me, when the train empties, that’s when I get on.


Pure Spirit Fashion Trade Event 2011


Pure London and Pure Spirit combined are the UK’s leading fashion trade event. Over the past few years, my other half and me have visited Pure London to source high quality fashion accessories. This year, the trade show has expanded and taken up not only the Olympia Exhibition Centre, but also half of Earl’s Court exhibition Centre with a shuttle bus connecting the two.

Most of the fashion accessory brands could still be found on the upper level of the Olympia Exhibition Centre. Some brands such as Maison Boinet and Cuir et terre, makers of high quality French belts and bags respectively, were absent this time. This could have been due to an upcoming trade show in Paris.

From a commercial perspective, many of the hand made English brands such as Tamara Fogle have come out with innovative new designs aimed at the high end market. One of the most unique products I have seen are their German flour sack bags from recycled antique textiles. The price point for these bags are 120-620 GBP retail, making them relatively unsuitable for export as a novelty brand.


Stop start stop start stop… Life in London never stops.


It is with some sadness to announce that I’m leaving Line Industries for another developer job in the City of London. I have been enjoying the last 21 months working on their CMS PubliSite and wish them well for the future.

This picture was taken with a Leica Summilux 50 pre-asph about 1.5 years ago by a busy Oxford Street traffic light.


Summer in the Summer Palace, Beijing, 2009



Great intro to Linq… am I too late to the party.


Just found a great Introduction to Linq in C# here:

It’s pretty easy to work through, wow, I need to spend more time on filling up my brain cells. Learning more stuff while scanning negatives using my Nikon Coolscan v is pretty cool.

THe following shot was scanned and cropped to 1600px width and comes from the recent London Regent Street Taste of Spain event at which I volunteered for as a City Guide. It is Spain’s lucky year, Nadal winning Wimbledon and their National Team winning the World cup. Still, Germany made it in 3rd place… Mehr Glück beim nächsten Mal.


The girl in the tube, Green Park, London

Girl in the tube, Green Park, London, UK

Girl in the tube, Green Park, London. Leica MP, Summicron 35 asph Neopan 400CN


Kirin Ichiban neben der Pflanze


Vor einigen Monaten war ich mit meiner Freundin bei Anita’s Vintage Fair im Londoner Battersea Arts Centre (kurz BAC), und habe nebenbei diese Aufnahme gemacht. Kirin Ichiban ist ein leichtes kohlensäurearmes Bier aus Japan und hat in diesem Moment auch sehr gut zu dieser Atmosphäre gepasst, vor allem das Bierglasdesign ist sehr elegant und transparent. Der benutzte Film war glaube ich Fuji Neopan 400CN (Prozess C-41) mit meinem Summilux 50 Asph Objektiv.

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